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Monday, February 8, 2010

Deb Frisch hate mail on Facebook: "go suck some n*gger cock"

Ever wonder what hate mail from Deborah Frisch sounds like? Well,
here's a doozy Deborah Frisch sent last Friday...

dear cunt,
thank you for the comedic post. go suck some nigger cock and have a great night, you cocksucking brain-dead, inbred retard cunt.

how the fuck can sarah palin tell if her spawn has down syndrome given how fucking stupid she and her sperm donor are? really, how the fuck could someone know for sure that trig palin has down syndrome, given that his mama is dumber than a fucking fencepost?

night sweetie pie.

Nice, eh? Of course, Dummy Debbie Frisch has a lifelong habit of hate mail,
as witnessed by this doozy Frisch sent to kunstler.com last year...

Deborah Frisch (dfrisch@pobox.com) wrote:

Here's a joke from eugene craigslist i thought you might like.

how many jews can you fit in a car?
two in the front seat, three in the back and six million in the ashtray.

i told my jewish brother this joke but i have not had the nerve yet to tell my jewish parents.

A half hour later, after the site told her I would post her joke on the Hate Mail page, Deborah Frisch (dfrisch@pobox.com) wrote:

. . . cool - that's why I sent it, you zionofascist nutcase with the social skills of a cordless drill.
you know, jim, i'll be straight with you. people like [REDACTED] and the other techno-nerdy eco[NOMICS]terrorists who created the mess we are in don't just belong behind bars. they belong behind barbed wire. i'll tell you, sometimes i think we threw the lamp out with the lampshade!
make sure you spell my email address right: that's d as in darfur, f as in fallujah, r as in remulac, i as in insane, s as in sunshine, c as in cheerios, h as in hostile AT SIGN pobox.com!

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