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Monday, February 8, 2010

Deb Frisch Libels Federal Magistrate Coffin

Note it: when Deborah Frisch can't win a battle of wits (which
is pretty much par for teh course), she turns to stalking, libel,
harassment, and vulgarity.

So today's blog, where Deb Frisch libels teh judge overseeing
her frivolous lawsuit, comes as no surprise. Frisch's frivolity
is being dismantled piece by piece in teh federal courts--with
a federal judge dismissing Lane County as a defendant
last week
, and federal magistrate Thomas Coffin issuing a rare
STFU Order to dummy deb frisch last month

Deborah Frisch, humiliated again, is obviously not in good
spirits, as evidenced by the escalation of
her Facebook stalking and harassment habits.

Frisch's blog also reveals that she harassed another federal
judge's office--that of Chief Judge Lasnik on the Federal District
Court of Washington State--in her futile efforts to libel Judge

Amusingly, Frischy pulled down teh blog a few minutes after
posting it--illustrating for the 31,416th time her ignorance of
teh obvious fact:


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