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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

24 hours, 2 Fed Courts, 2 BEATDOWNS of Deb Frisch! (6/16/10)

Tik-tok, Debbie's running out of luck!

In teh last 24 hours, two federal courts have smacked down
Dummy Deborah Frisch's moronic attempts to short-circuit
teh inevitable defeat of her frivolous lawsuit:

Late yesterday, teh Ninth Circuit Court of appeals shitcanned
Frisch's attempt to derail various orders of teh Federal District
Court overseeing Debbie Frisch's frivolous lawsuit.

And today, teh District Court smashed Debbie's idiotic "Motion
to Strike" various filings by City of Eugene--filings which are
among teh last steps toward annihilating Frisch's incompetent
legal floppings.

Enjoy teh Pwnage!!

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