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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deb Frisch harasses EPD meeting (April-May 2012)

Well, despite two stints in prison from 2010-2011, it looks like Debbie hasn't learned her
lesson to STFU. Witness the minutes of the Eugene Police Commission meetings for April
12th (PDF file of minutes here):

Public Comments:
Deb Frisch directed her remarks to Lt. Fellman as Chief Kerns’ designee. She commended
the Eugene Police Department (EPD) for using what she considered the optimal levels of police 
presence during the evacuation of the Occupy Eugene encampment and the State of the City event. 
She suggested it was evidence of increased quality in the department’s strategic thinking. Referring 
to media reports that no charges would be filed in the death of Rick Youngblood at the Occupy 
Eugene site, Ms. Frisch compared Mr. Youngblood to Trayvon Martin in that both were marginalized 
by society and objected that no one had been charged in the Youngblood case. She considered it a 
black eye on the department after an otherwise stellar department performance at Occupy Eugene.

and May 3rd (PDF file of minutes here):

Public Comments:
Deb Frisch – She relayed that the Commission provides a voice of the public to the Police Department. She believes that the Commission should be taking action, rather than just 
having informational items. Perhaps there should be more public hearings, so more people 
would be encouraged to attend. Also, the formality of the Commission meeting sometimes
discourages participation.

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