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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Occupy Eugene Medical PSYCHO STALKER Deb Frisch ALERT (May 2012)

Looks like the peeps at the newly-formed Occupy Eugene Medical Clinic
tent on 8th and Oak Streets have never heard of VETTING their volunteers.

If they had, they might have seen that their intake-volunteer Deb Frisch
has a lengthy criminal record of stalking, harassment and violence. Just
google "Oregon Criminal 1675174"

Here's a little pic of Miss Deborah Ellen Frisch, chatting away at the
Occupy Eugene Medical tent (left)--and a couple of her arrest mug-
shots (right)

Convicted Violent Stalker Deborah Frisch at Occupy Eugene Medical tent (May 2012)   


  1. Let's see, she has convictions for telephone harassment, stalking, and impersonation...

    Yes, she's the ideal person to be handling the personal information of people checking in for medical services at the Occupy Eugene Medical Clinic.

    No, really! There's NO WAY that could turn out badly!


  2. I'm a diehard Occupy supporter, but I had heard of Deb Frisch before Occupy started, and the way she has behaved is not productive or in tune with Occupy's goals.

  3. She's the model Occutard -- insane, violent, and leftist.

  4. Debra has not been with Occupy Medical for many,many months now. Whomever is in charge of this blog should take some time to do the proper research before publicly publishing incendiary material such as this. SHAME!

  5. "Debra has not been with Occupy Medical for many, many months now." - written 17 June 2013

    Did you fail to note the post's publication date? dated many, many months ago?

    Or are you suggesting a re-write of history, as if 'Debra' had never been with Occupy Medical?

    The blog's title is "Internet is Forever". Pay attention, OccuCryBaby!



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