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Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Walk Down (Jail) Memory Lane? (3/25/2016)

Maybe this explains why Miss Debbie was stalking the Deschutes DA yesterday...

A close-up on the pic shows it's some mailing with an apparent return address of:

Office of Public Defense Services
1175 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97301-4030

(Miss Debbie was represented by Public Defenders during her criminal cases of 2015.)

And the date? According to Teh Timeline...

August 31, 2015--Oregon Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch is found guilty of violating her probation; she is sentenced (on paper) to a jail-term through May 2016.  

Nothing like being reminded of butthurt to get you stalking the District Attorney who
outsmarted yer ass!

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