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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Deb Frisch stalks Deschutes DA on Facebook (3/24/2016)

...where we learn that Debbie is still feeling teh BUTTHURT over the District Attorney
who held Debbie Frisch responsible for her criminal behavior.

For more LOLs at the Deschutes DA's legal BEATDOWNs of Deborah Frisch, check out

Warning:  Deborah Frisch, who emails using the addresses truthisoutthere16@yahoo.com and dfrisch@pobox.com and coyotemind@gmail.com (and debfrisch14@gmail.com and lanelawwatch@gmail.com)  
has criminal convictions for assault, stalking, harassment and threatening. She was jailed for 6 months in 2015 for her criminal behavior.

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