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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bend PD Police Report on Deb Frisch Arrest (12/15/2017)

How many times does Debbie need to be reminded: When you stalk, threaten and harass people, you WILL get the CUFFS again!


"On 12/15/2017 at approximately 1318 hours, Deborah Frisch was contacted
in the lobby of Bend Police Department. Officers had been contacted by Greeley Police Department...advising they had an active no bail full extradition warrant for Frisch's arrest...Based on Frisch's history of resisting arrest, four Officers made contact with her in the lobby. Frisch was detained in handcuffs, which were checked for tightness...

"For the next couple minutes Frisch proclaimed her innocen[ce] and verbally
abused the Officers for arresting her. Deschutes County Dispatch confirmed
the warrant with Greeley Police Department. Frisch yelled at Officer Poole
that the handcuffs were too tight. I personally observed Officer Poole check
the cuffs again to make sure they were not. 

"Frisch's person was checked for weapons or means of escape and nothing
was found...."

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