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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Debbie Frisch threatens impotent lawsuit at Bend City Council Meeting (1/3/2018)

 LOL, so dummy Debbie is back to threatening impotent lolsuits? (Text of Debbie's impotent rant appears below)

Ooh! Debbie is so SCAWY when she tawks about legal stuff...NOT! Funny how Debbie is too stupid to realize that EVERYONE LOLs AT HER FRIVOLOUS LEGAL THREATS!

Maybe Debbie needs a reminder of how badly she got pwned the last time she tried filing a frivolous lawsuit?

  1. REAL Lawyers at AboveTheLaw.com mock Debbie's legal stoopidity
  2. Debbie Frisch was legally declared a "vexatious litigant" in 2010, which pretty much blocks her from using the civil courts to harass people holding her responsible for her criminal behavior.
  3. There's a SCREENING ORDER which means that Debbie's paperwork will be reviewed (and promptly squashed) by a federal judge whenever she files it.
  4.  Deborah Frisch is BANNED from visiting teh federal court in person
  5.  Deb Frisch has had her electronic filing access YANKED by teh Federal Courts 

LOL, Debbie Frisch doesn't like lawyers because they expose her stupidity 9/15/2016


"I'm a retired University of Oregon professor, and since I turned 55, you are all financing my retirement, and my possessions are in storage in Eugene. My car is in southern California. And--the Lord Jesus--if 
you wouldn't mind pretending to listen to me, I would appreciate it...and not talk to your little friend there. 

"So...I am moving to Bend. I am moving to Bend. I am so disgusted by what I have seen here tonight--running 30 minutes over on this idiotic...'Why are there drunk drivers?' I was in downtown Bend the other night--dollar well drinks! ...This town is saturated in alcohol. You have two mayors (Eugene only has one) I offer my condolences. 5 city councilors, 4 white males and one ineffectual

"Anyway, if the name of John Hummel, the District Attorney who is [slander redacted] kinda like you, good ole boy. So please send
a message to Mr. Hummel that I shall be suing the City of Bend, and the State of Oregon, and you keep up the good work"

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