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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Still More Stupidity from Debbie Frisch (7/11-7/22/2018)

7/22/2018: Debbie is too dumb to operate her phone, blames Samsung.

(UPDATE 7/17/2018): As usual, dummy Debbie tries to claim that it's wrong for the criminal justice system to spend funds holding her accountable for her criminal behavior. She's too stoopid to realize the obvious: (1) Debbie is a CRIMINAL
(2) The criminal justice system is in the bidness of prosecuting criminals
Therefore, money spent holding Debbie accountable for her criminal behavior 
= money well-spent. 

Also, usual LULZ at convicted FELON Debbie Frisch (Colorado Offender 278185, California Offender 23498, Oregon Offender 1675174) accusing others of felony acts.

Typical Debbie... you'd think, in light of her lengthy criminal record, dummy felon Debbie Frisch would realize that her understanding of the law is ZERO. Looks like she'll need the CUFFS again before that knowledge sinks in (if it ever does)...

Of course, legal stupidity is nothing new for felon Deb Frisch

  1. REAL Lawyers at AboveTheLaw.com mock Debbie's legal stoopidity
  2. Debbie Frisch was legally declared a "vexatious litigant" in 2010, which pretty much blocks her from using the civil courts to harass people holding her responsible for her criminal behavior.
  3. There's a SCREENING ORDER which means that Debbie's paperwork will be reviewed (and promptly squashed) by a federal judge whenever she files it.
  4.  Deborah Frisch is BANNED from visiting teh federal court in person
  5.  Deb Frisch has had her electronic filing access YANKED by teh Federal Courts 

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