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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Deb Frisch Lawsuit FRIVOLOUS, sez fed judge!

Miss Debbie often reminds Frisch-watchers of Wile E. Coyote:
haughty when they think they have the upper hand...and, therefore,
such damned laughingstocks when the real world intrudes on their

Back in May, Debbie Frisch filed a bogus LOLSUIT in Federal
Court. (Deb Frisch also filed paperwork claiming to be dirt poor,
but we've already blogged about Deb Frisch's poverty.)

Debbie must have been riding high there for awhile--dreaming of
the money she'd wrench out of Teh System which held had the
gall to hold Deb Frisch accountable for her crimes, libel, stalking,
harassment, slander, etc.

And then, here comes REALITY...

A Federal Judge quickly nixed Deborah Frisch's lawsuit as a bogus "frivolous" exercise.

Tough luck, there, Debbie.

Here's teh first page of teh judgment (with added editorial content!)

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