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Monday, June 15, 2009

Deb Frisch's Turd-Polishing and Poor Impulse-Control

Twice-convicted on criminal charges of stalking and/or harassment
(in 2006 and 2009), Oregon Convict #1675174 Deborah Ellen Frisch
has a serious lack of impulse-control. In today's blog, Teh Deb stupidly
alleges that the judge is in violation of the 14th Amendment--thus
proving that Deb Frisch has no clue what teh 14th Amendment
actually means.

Teh truth is, Miss Debbie is angered that she's being thwarted in
her attempt to abuse teh Federal court system (to harass those
who have held Deb Frisch responsible for her violent and stalking
criminal actions)

Small wonder, then, that Miss Debbie is pissed to wait even 10 days
for a federal court to rule on her laughably inept "Amended Complaint"
in her civil LOLSUIT. Deb Frisch's first complaint was ruled "frivolous"
by a federal judge on June 3rd
. Teh Deb, amusingly ignorant of Teh
Law, resubmitted another dumb document two days later.

You know teh old phrase, you can't polish a turd? Well, that's
what Miss Debbie is trying to do with teh crappy lolsuit of hers.

There's bound to be epic lulz when teh Federal judge kicks Miss
Debbie's latest droppings to Dismissal-With-Prejudice City.

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