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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Deborah Frisch makes toothless threat to sue City of Eugene (4 January 2015)

Debbie still seems to think her empty legal threats still intimidate people. In this
"tort claims notice," moron Debbie seems to think the law will penalize people
who have the good sense to tell dummy Deb Frisch to "STFU and Talk to the Hand"

I believe that by violating my eight amendment right to be free of cruel and unusual 
punishment (i.e. abrupt cessation of returning or answering phone calls), you violate
 a statute pertaining to your office thereby engaging in multiple counts of official 
misconduct in the second degree.  every unreturned voicemail (2? 3?) is a count.

LOL, no Debbie. Every unreturned voicemail is a CLUE that no one gives a flying
f*ck about your idiotic rantings...

Unfortunately for Debbie, there's this thing called "google," which quickly
reveals why her "tort claims notices are toothless"
Oh, and teh 9th Circuit Court of Appeals? They told her, in no uncertain terms,
to STFU in 2010.

Debbie, meet Shit's Creek. No, you cannot haz paddle.

Please consider this your notice, pursuant to at least Oregon Revised Statutes 30.275 and possibly other state and federal statutes that I plan to name you as a defendant in a civil suit to be filed in United States District Court and/or Lane County Circuit Court. I believe you committed multiple counts of official misconduct in the second degree pursuant to ORS 162.405 that have caused and continue to cause me cognitive, emotional and spiritual damages.

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