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Saturday, July 30, 2016

How to ruin your party 101: Invite Deb Frisch... (7/30/2016)

Odds these poor idiots are gonna regret inviting Debbie Frisch to the party?

 See Debbie drink. See Debbie get drunk. See Debbie commit crimes:

there are two routes i could take from my house to east oceanside tonight. both are about 20 miles. one route goes west to 5, north to 76, east to del oro. the other goes northeast through san marcos and vista. google maps shows two red lines on the first route - a traffic incident on i-5 in carlsbad and a traffic incident on 76 east in oceanside, right near junction with 5. i-5 is a gamble all summer, it seems, even on weekends and mid day friday. san marcos and vista it is.
i was not aware cci was located in oceanside as well as santa clara near san francisco until i googled directions to the party i somehow got invited to and cci is identified on the map, i guess because it's only a few blocks away

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