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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Convicted criminal Deb Frisch accuses others of crimes. Again. (11/23/2017)

Gee Debbie, funny how you'd accuse others of "stalking"...when the FACT is that
YOU'RE the one with the criminal record for stalking! Remember THIS?

And by the way...since YOURE the one with the FELONY WARRANTS (causing
you to HIDE like the COWARD you are), YOURE the one who's looking forward
to a LONG stint in POUND-YER-AZZ State Prison! :D :D :D

As usual, Debbie Frisch reacts to her butthurt by libeling and stalking members of the Oregon Criminal Justice system and her past victims. 

Yawn, Debbie Frisch (who has multiple criminal convictions for filing FALSE reports and CRIMINAL IMPERSONATION) accuses others of perjury again

As usual, Debbie needs an English lesson: IT'S NOT "PERJURY" IF IT'S ALL TRUE, DUMMY!

The #1 fact to remember about Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah Frisch is this:

If Debbie accuses someone of something, then SHE'S the one who habitually does it.

(Debbie's a bit too stupid to realize that EVERYONE knows this fact about her, lol.)


Latest examples of Debbie's long habit of falsely accusing others of crimes here:

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