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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Victim reports on Deb Frisch's behavior (11/22/2017)

McCain has blogged on  The Harm Deborah Frisch Has Inflicted, and Why She Must Be Incarcerated

To his case, we can add this first-person account from 22 November 2017, from a victim of Debbie Frisch. At that time, Miss Debbie was a fugitive fleeing a felony warrant. She was captured on 23 November:


Please note that over the pat week, the defendant [Deborah Frisch] has continued to contact us directly, reference us, harass us and our son. She has contacted a school principal trying to embarrass and humiliate our 14-year-old son and has contact [sic] Child Protective Services about us. She is referencing us and every member of our family in full names on social media and again threatening to "Jon Benet" our children, rape them, and continues to cause extreme emotional distress.

I would like to make sure that these new parole and Protective Order violations are documented and included in any charges against her. It is clear that she is unable to follow the laws, and even probation terms that she has agreed to.

Given that she is one the run from the law and we do not know where she is, I am very afraid for my and my children's safety. She has proven time and again that she does not keep her harassment to the online venue: [link to Police charge woman in stalking case, Eugene Register-Guard 21 Feb 2015]

I understand that someone is contacting [a probation officer]'s children's school district because of these threats. I don't know who exactly is communicating, but I would ask for the same consideration for my children.

You can download the recent Tweets and emails here: [link to dropbox]

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