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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Felon Deb Frisch continues to accuse others of HER crimes! (11/22/2017)

LOL, as usual, dummy Deb Frisch accuses people of the crimes SHE is guilty of...

"unemployable"? But DEBBIE's the one who is 10+ years jobless, has a FELONY record, SCAMS food stamps and panhandlingsquatting in a house owned by Mommy and Daddy for YEARS...

"perverts"? But DEBBIE's the one who got fired for sexually threatening a 2-year-old and THEN got arrested for sexually threatening a 6 year old!

Debbie Frisch, convicted of stalking harassment etc is a loser: she lost her job, then lost her blog (now under NEW management!), then lost her access to the University of Oregon, then lost her access to the courts, then...did we forget the times she lost her freedom?


You'd think all this evidence would add up to Debbie reaching the obvious conclusion: time to STFU and stop stalking, harassing, and threatening people! But Debbie appears to be limp-lobed in the evidence-processing department...Oh well, more LULZ for us!


For the record:

1) Incite Violence? No, Debbie, WE don't "incite violence" against anyone...YOU are the one who was

2) Pedophile? Yes, Debbie, YOU lost your job in 2006 for posting threatening and pedophilic fantasies about a 2-year-old child:

4) Violent? Yes, Debbie, YOU'RE the one with criminal convictions for
5) Liar? Yes, Debbie, your criminal history shows that you have quite a history of lying--just read the newspapers and police reports:

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