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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oopsie... Debbie Gets Arrested AGAIN (5.31.2015)

Former UO instructor Deb Frish falsely accuses EPD officer of sexual assault

Deborah Frisch, a former instructor at the University of Oregon, was convicted on Monday of falsely accusing a Eugene police officer of sexually assaulting her.
Frisch was first arrested on stalking charges on Feb. 19, according to The Register-Guard. After her arrest, Frisch told authorities she was sexually assaulted by a supervisor of the Eugene Police Department. Frisch was sentenced to two years probation and must complete a mental health evaluation as a result of the false accusation.
Frisch was an adjunct professor in the department of psychology intermittently from 1986 to 2001. Frisch frequently sends emails containing vulgar language to government officials, which were collected by city officials.
The university administration did not have a comment regarding Frisch’s arrest.

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Is there any level to which Debbie will not sink in her hopeless efforts at revenge??

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