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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Deb Frisch Random Stupidity (8/11/2015)


Hmmm, let's take stock:  10 years jobless, criminal record, food stamps and panhandling, squatting in a house owned by Mommy and Daddy....
Debbie Frisch, YOU might want to feel some apprehension about YOUR complete lack of real world knowledge, lol

"over my dead body"? if Debbie keeps telling the tweakers she has DRUGS for sale,
she just might get that wish....

i reckon some day, oregon criminal debbie frisch is going to ask itself why it was not shutting the 
f*ck up at 10:23 a.m. today instead of harassing federal judges online.

Remember this, Debbie? They're called CONSEQUENCES:

Well Debbie, you were warned...


Debbie blames conflict-of-interest for getting pwned for her own legal stoopidity and
criminal behavior. Yet Debbie's idiocy in comprehending and parsing subtle legal arguments is well-known to lawyers... Thus the real reason Debbie hates lawyers: they are experts at exposing
Debbie's stupidity and ignorance...

LOL, moron Debbie Frisch actually thinks she might collect $$$ on her frivolous lawsuit.
Does Debbie realize we all KNOW that the Federal court has BANNED her criminal ass 
from the building? Does Debbie realize we all KNOW that her lawsuit-talk is all a bluff?


Dear Debbie,
Should I have heard of you? Can you send me your most recent 3 published articles?
(No, the news-clippings of your firing and arrests don't count.)
Best, Dr. Z


Like we needed science to tell us that...
Debbie Frisch, convicted of stalking harassment etc is a loser: she lost her job, then lost her blog (now under NEW management!), then lost her access to the University of Oregon, then lost her access to the courts, then...did we forget the times she lost her freedom?


You'd think all this evidence would add up to Debbie reaching the obvious conclusion: time to STFU and stop stalking, harassing, and threatening people! But Debbie appears to be limp-lobed in the evidence-processing department...Oh well, more LULZ for us!


Heh. Debbie's too stupid to use the software and it's MICROSOFT's fault. Sure thing, dummy!


Dear Debbie: We all KNOW your lawsuit-threats are impotent and toothless, because
we all know you've been banned from the Federal Courts


Debbie asks for a "professional courtesy"...when her own psycho criminal behavior has left her unemployable for 9 years...and with a lengthy criminal record??

Debbie expects PACER access when it's her OWN criminal behavior which has gotten her ass BANNED from the Federal Courthouse?

LOL, guess Debbie doesn't realize that her emails are on AUTO-DUMP


Yup, Debbie keeps stalking, harassing and threatening people... These two were attorneys that Debbie wanted to enlist for Debbie's incompetent attempts to sue people holding her responsible for her criminal behavior


Dear Dummy Deb Frisch,

Youse file as much of that shit as you want. No one reads it. It just gets dumped into the file marked "For future criminal prosecution"

p.s. Yes, we know about the digitus maximus--see attached:


Dear Debbie,

This case was settled when you pleaded guilty/no-contest to the charges. So STFU if
you don't want the CUFFS again!

7/8: LOL, Debbie is such an expert in thinking skillz that...

Keep up the butthurt bitterness at successful professionals who hold you responsible for your criminal behavior, Debbie!

7/4: Debbie sez "what evah" to learning from her fuckups...which pretty much explains everything.

7/1: LOL @ multiply-convicted criminal 1675174 Debbie Ellen Frisch calling anyone else "psychopathic" and "psychotic"... 

Here's a guess at the reply to Miss Debbie's ranting letter:

Dear Miss Frisch,

STFU and bring it on, dummy! 

p.s. We already know how your last frivolous lolsuit ended up! 

6/30: Pretty hilarious that Debbie would call anyone a "stalker"...when the truth is that SHE'S the one with the criminal record for stalking, harassment, etc.

6/28: LOL, Dummy Debbie Frisch wonders why everyone is ignoring her toothless TORT CLAIMS NOTICES!!1 

Um, because everyone KNOWS they're toothless, maybe? lol

6/25: So another person tells Debbie to STFU and GTFO? Surprise, surprise...

6/24: LOL, the answers are obviously what your toothless lawsuit threat is gonna get: ZERO and ZERO. 
For the record: yes, the evidence against Debbie on her stalking-charges was overwhelming:

6/23: Actually, dummy, telling you to STFU and reminding you of the legal consequences* of failing to obey is PERFECTLY legal. But since YOURE the one with the criminal record for stalking, harassment, filing false reports and criminal impersonation, we see your limp lobes are very s-l-o-w to grasp the concept...


6/23: Dummy Deb Frisch whines that paperwork actually costs money. Gee Debbie, maybe you shouldn't have made yourself unemployable by sexually threatening toddlers: then you'd HAVE the money to fund your frivolous bullshit!

6/23: Moron Debbie Frisch missed the day in Reality 101 where you don't get to dictate how the details of your arrest are covered by the media

6/21: Checkmate? Yup, Debbie...but not the way you think... Remember what happened LAST time you tried to extort money from Oregon counties...

6/17: LOL, no Debbie...the cause of your "jurisprudential problems" are you, You, and YOU, as in: your illegal stalking behavior, your illegal harassing behavior, and your illegal threatening behavior. The proof is in your lengthy criminal record:

6/16: Two obvious points:

...and John Nash could actually do mathematics...you can't, Debbie.

6/14: Um, because you're a stalking, harassing, threatening CRIMINAL, Debbie--that's why people root for law enforcement against you! Stop breaking the law and the law will stop breaking YOU.


6/13: You LOST dummy! So it sounds like there was PLENTY of evidence and logic in
the charges against you...


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