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Thursday, August 13, 2015

lol, Debbie Frisch doesn't like being "heckled" or told the consequences of her criminal behavior

 Update 8/13: Ever notice that when Debbie does it, she calls it "sighting" "baiting" "heckling"
or "making a joke"--but when it's done to her, she calls it "inciting violence" and "stalking" and "menacing"? (And when Debbie is held responsible for her criminal behavior, she calls it

How many Reality beatdowns will it take before Miss Debbie realizes her idiocy?

No, Debbie...they're just "heckling" you, lol

lol, yes Debbie, we all know you got fired by the University of Arizona for threatening and making sexual remarks about a toddler over the internet!

"Menaced"...Seems like Debbie needs a daily reminder of a basic fact about public behavior:

Hmm...Debbie claims to be victimized for "making a joke"...why does that sound like a 
familiar rationalization? Amazing how, 10 years later, Debbie doesn't get a basic moral:

Thinking 101:
  • if YOU would call it "threatening" when OTHERS do it to you, then YOU are "threatening" when YOU do it to OTHERS. 
  • if YOU would downplay it as only "heckling" when YOU do it to OTHERS, then YOU are only being "heckled" when OTHERS do it to YOU

Hmmm...Debbie only finds her stalking/threatening/harassment a "bad idea" when she's deterred
by the imminent prospect of bodily harm. No surprise there...

Update 7/19: Actually, Debbie, it's 100% legal to inform you of the consequences of your continued criminal behavior. But since you're the one with the stalking, harassment, criminal impersonation, etc. record, we see your limp lobes are S-L-O-W to get the point :)

Ever notice that when Debbie does it, she calls it "heckling"
--but when it's done to her, she calls it "stalking" and "menacing"?

Deb Frisch's stupid attempts to re-define the English language are well-known: See the Debbie Frisch lexicon 

Maybe if Debbie worked on her logic-skillz, she might not have that
lengthy criminal record...

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