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Monday, June 22, 2015

Deborah Ellen Frisch mugshots and criminal record

As usual, Oregon Criminal Deborah Ellen Frisch accuses other people of crimes...when SHE'S
the one with the extensive criminal record.

 Deborah Ellen Frisch (aka: Jim Lawson on disqus) has been arrested numerous times on numerous charges, including 
  • 2006--stalking, harassment
  • 2009--physical harassment
  • 2010--probation violation
  • 2011--criminal impersonation, physical harassment
  • 2015--initiating a false report, stalking, probation violation
here are some choice mug shots and details...  

Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested 2 April 2015

Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested 19 Feb 2015

Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested 3 February 2011

 Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested/Jailed 25 October 2010

 Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested 21 September 2010

Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested 25 March 2009

Frisch, Deborah Ellen: Arrested 21 August 2006

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