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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Deschutes DA advises would-be victims: just tell Debbie to STFU...or else she gets the cuffs again! (6/11/2015)

Looks like Debbie has herself an ultimatum: STOP stalking/harassing/threatening people...
or go back to jail! 

A condition of probation ordered by Lane County Circuit Court Judge Holland is that Deb Frisch refrain from emailing or calling anyone that informs Dr. Frisch they do not want her to contact them via email or phone (in person or U.S. mail contact is not restricted).  So, if you do not want Deb Frisch to contact you via email or phone, email her and inform her of this.  If you so inform her, and if she contacts you thereafter via email or phone, inform me and I will take appropriate action.  However, I’m confident Deb Frisch will not contact via email or phone those people who inform her they do not want to receive this type of contact.

John Hummel

John Hummel
District Attorney
Deschutes County
1164 NW Bond Street
Bend, Oregon 97701

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