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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

lol, Dummy Debbie Frisch stalks Federal Judge (6/30/2015)

Update 6/30:  Butthurt over getting pwned in Lane County Criminal Court, Miss
Debbie decides stalking a Federal Judge is a good idea...lol

Update 6/29: Moron Deb Frisch now harassing Megan Suzanne Jacob's Federal 
public defender? REAL SMART, DEBBIE! :P 

Update 6/26: Debbie practicing law without a license? Someone should warn
Debbie's old jail-cellmate Megan Suzanne Jacob (6:14-cr-00346-MC) that
Debbie's legal skillz SUCK

Also, there's that law against practicing law without a license (ORS 9.166), which
Miss On-probation-until-2017 Debbie Frisch ignores at her own peril...

Update 6/22: So Debbie thinks she might have luck harassing the Eugene City Attorney? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

So Debbie thought she could match wits with real lawyers at yesterday's criminal hearing.

Result? "STFU, dummy, you're guilty on the Class A Misdemeanor, guilty on violating your probation, and better start behaving or else that 90+15 day suspended prison-sentence will become very REAL..."

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