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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Deb Frisch, convicted of filing false reports, threatens to file MORE false police reports (9/24-26/2016 - 11/9/2016)

UPDATE 11/9/2016: Looks like Debbie Frisch wants to add FILING FALSE CHARGES to the FELONY ARREST WARRANT on her...

Yawn, Debbie Frisch (who has multiple criminal convictions for filing FALSE reports and CRIMINAL IMPERSONATION) threatens to LIE and file MORE FALSE REPORTS to retaliate against a blog admin associated with a political blog who blew the whistle on Debbie's sexualized threats against children in 2006 (thus getting Debbie dumped by the University of Arizona from her adjunct position).

Debbie's criminal history shows that she has QUITE a history of lying--just read the newspapers and police reports:

WARNING: Debbie Frisch has criminal convictions for assault, stalking, harassment and threatening (while intoxicated).http://deborahfrisch.blogspot.com/ If she grows threatening or tries to stalk you, contact San Diego Sheriff's Department (858) 565-5200 (she now resides in their jurisdiction Encinitas / Olivenhain, California)

Deborah Ellen Frisch (aka: Deborah Frisch PO Box 626 Cardiff California 92007, deb3920@yahoo.com,  truthisoutthere16@yahoo.com"Deborah Frisch" on Facebook, likestohike@outlook.com ) has been arrested numerous times on numerous charges, including 
  • 2006--stalking, harassment
  • 2009--physical harassment
  • 2010--probation violation
  • 2011--criminal impersonation, physical harassment
  • 2015--initiating a false report, stalking, probation violation (2x), menacing, improper use of 911

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