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Friday, October 15, 2010

Deb Frisch files impotent vulgar legal papers (10/14/10)

Ever since dummy Deb Frisch got her knuckle-dragging stupidity
exposed while incompetently waging a frivolous lawsuit
, Debbie
has been frothing at the mouth at the professionals who laughed
at her incompetent legal filings.

Hence today's moronic drivel, where miss debbie reveals that
she wants to mail yet another impotent TORT CLAIMS NOTICE!!1
to the judge who pwned her moronic case...[For teh backstory on
why Deborah Frisch (aka Oregon Criminal 1675174)'s TORT CLAIMS
NOTICES!!!1 are legally impotent, toothless bluffs of empty
paperwork, see this link.]

Frisch is also champing at the bit that the feds have BANNED her
from all federal court buildings in Oregon
(as a result of her vile,
threatening harassment of court staff
earlier this year).

Debbie threatens to try to enter teh court building either today
or Monday. It's a bluff, of course: coward that she is, Debbie would
wet her pants if confronted by federal guards in person... that's
why she sends all her threats over the internet.

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