A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deborah Frisch (Convict 1675174) makes death threats (10/13/10)

Little miss debbie's death threats are gonna look awfully
damning when Debbie has her probation-violation hearing
before one of these judges on October 25...

Sidenote: dummy debbie's "jonbenet" reference is what got
her fired from her job at the University of Arizona in 2006
Debbie remains jobless today--even though her PROBATION
requires the lazy deadbeat to get a job

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