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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pedophile Deb Frisch = "Lenny Ramiro" on Facebook

WARNING: Deb Frisch (aka Deborah Frisch aka Deborah Ellen Frisch aka Debbie Frisch)
has opened a THIRD sockpuppet account on Facebook, under the name "Lenny Ramiro" [screencap of Deb Frisch's sockpuppet below]


(Frisch also stalks, harasses and threatens people using the Facebook monikers "Morgan
" and "Blaise Pascal")

Frisch has criminal convictions for assault, stalking, harassment and threatening. Deb Frisch lost her job in 2006 after making threatening and sexual remarks toward a child on the internet.

She's on probation until 2012 for assaulting a female who rejected Frisch's sexual advances. Most
recently, Frisch was arrested on Sept. 21 for violating her probation after assaulting one of her previous victims.

If Frisch sends you threatening messages, call the Lane County Sheriff's Office (541-682-4150) and/or the Lane County Victims Services Department (541) 682-4523). They're both VERY well acquainted with Frisch's criminal record. Reference Frisch's Oregon Criminal ID number (1675174)

For more on Frisch's criminal history, see this link:

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