A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Friday, October 8, 2010

Facing Jail, Deb Frisch Throws All-Day Shitfit (10/7/10)

Little Miss Debbie doesn't like being held responsible for her criminal
actions. Case in point: on Tuesday, Oregon Convict 1675174, Deborah
Frisch, was arraigned
for violating her probation (by hurling a violent
threatening blowup in a bar over teh Labor Day Weekend
). Since then,
Debbie has posted a torrent of racist, stalking, threatening, libelous criminal

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