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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Debbie Defies Cops' warning: STFU or you get the CUFFS again! (9/28- 10/18/2016)

UPDATE 10/18/2016: Looks like Debbie Frisch wants ANOTHER arrest for filing her lying false reports...

UPDATE 9/29/2016: Debbie Frisch stupidly defies explicit cease-and-desist order by 
cops. Does she really think she won't get the CUFFS again? 

Let us explain, Debbie: when you break the law with your STALKING, HARASSMENT, THREATENING and MENACING, you're asking for law enforcement to 1) give you a LAST WARNING and then 2) throw your fat ass BEHIND BARS

Hey dummy Deb Frisch: you DONT have the First Amendment right to STALK, HARASS, THREATEN, and MENACE people. Capice yet, moron? Or do you need the CUFFS again?


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