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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deb Frisch LIES in Federal Court filing (5/11/10)

Well, Dummy Debbie filed a weak response to a Federal Judge's
notice that Debbie's vile courthouse behavior will soon lead to her
being BANNED from teh premises

In teh response, filed today, Debbie impossibly tries to DENY teh
overwhelming evidence of her use of teh courthouse to harass
innocent victims. Debbie's stategery is pathetically transparent:

Notice how teh judge refers to Debbie's harassment as
involving "email AND THE INTERNET." Dummy Debbie,
in a a fumbling sleight-of-hand, replies only to teh first ("email")
part of that charge.

Of course, readers of Internet Is Forever know why Miss
Debbie wants to distract from teh "internet" aspect of
Debbie's harass-a-thon: because Debbie's foul, vile and
vulgar postings about her victim on Facebook (and her blog)
were documented (screencapped and posted)...on this humble
site! (See these links for original posts: 1, 2, and 3):

Of course, teh judge overseeing Debbie's case knows VERY
WELL about these February 2010 libelous and harassing
postings...so Debbie's moronic attempt at lying by omission
will prove an impotent defense...

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