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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eugene Police Auditor tells Deb Frisch to STFU (4/24/09)

Well, it's been a week of TUFF TAWK for Little Miss Debbie...

Among other droppings, Debbie howled about filing a GRIEVANCE!!1
against teh police officer
who attended teh deposition Debbie hid from
on April 15, 2010
. (Of course, since Debbie has a police record involving
violent crimes
, teh Eugene Police Lieutenant's presence was well-advised, lol.)
Debbie now faces monetary and disciplinary SANCTIONS for teh dodged
, lol.

But it's worth taking a trip down memory lane here. As it happens, Dummy
Debbie filed a GRIEVANCE!!1 with teh Eugene Police Department last year.

And--big surprise!--teh Eugene Police Auditor's office rejected Debbie's
grievance-filing a whopping ONE DAY LATER! (Screencap of teh document,
filed in Federal Court last year, appears below)

We hope Debbie enjoys scribbling her impotent paperwork--coz it sho ain't
gonna survive long in teh official channels.

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