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Friday, May 7, 2010

Deb Frisch's Legal Incompetence and Illiteracy (5/4/10)

In order to pilot a lawsuit through teh federal courts, one needs to navigate teh Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Of course, that requires reading skills, which Deborah Frisch sorely lacks. :P

Hence today's screencap of a defense-motion filed on Tuesday, which hilariously illustrates Debbie's legal illiteracy.

Backstory: After defense lawyers filed a motion to hold Little Miss Debbie financially responsible for teh mandatory deposition she evaded, Dummy Deb played a Monkey See, Monkey Do, and filed a laughably frivolous motion of sanctions against defense-attorneys, April 29th.

A few days later, City of Eugene Defense attorneys struck back, pointing out that:
  • Dummy Deb Frisch used teh WRONG RULE in her motion
  • Dummy Deb Frisch even BOTCHED the application of that WRONG RULE, and
  • Dummy Deb Frisch's motion trumpeted her IGNORANCE of teh proper (Rule 26(c)) procedure for objecting to (terms of) a deposition
In short, Miss Deborah Frisch screwed teh pooch in her amusingly incompetent attempt to "play lawyer."

So, without further ado, here's teh short, but sweet, BEATDOWN of Deb Frisch:

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