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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jobless Deborah Frisch envies successful professor (5/4/10)

Debbie Frisch's angle is pretty obvious in this one: since Deb
Frisch has been unemployable since losing her job for threatening
a child online (in 2006), she often hurls foul language at successful
academics. Hence today's blog, where Deb Frisch throws her
vileness-laden bile at someone Debbie wishes she were: a professor
whose ideas are respected.

Debbie will probably never learn...no one will ever take her vulgar
crap seriously. And no matter what she posts, it won't change that
Debbie lost her job in humiliating fashion in 2006, that Debbie is a
twice-convicted criminal, and that Debbie has been on her family's
financial life-support (and panhandling and on food stamps) for
several years.

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