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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Humiliated Deb Frisch Whines to Eugene Budget Committee (May 2010)

Well, now that dummy Deborah Frisch has been BANNED from
teh Eugene Federal Courthouse
--and, as we now know, she received
a warning from teh FBI concerning her threatening emails--Dummy
Deb Frisch has few avenues left to vent her vileness.

...well, except for teh city of Eugene Budget Committee. (Note to
Debbie: teh Budget Committee doesn't give two shits about you--
they're THRILLED that you're receiving teh humiliating BEATDOWN
you deserve.)

Of course, Debbie knows that, when video surfaces, Gerbil Nation will
be there to slice, dice, and spread the mockery to teh ends of teh
Internets. (This, BTW, was one reason why Debbie feared teh April
15th deposition--since it would be videotaped, she knew teh video
of her getting pwned would spread like wildfire...)

So...without further ado, here is Dummy Deborah Frisch, whining
about her pitiful failures in Federal Court...

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