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Friday, April 30, 2010

Deb Frisch, facing punishment, flings empty threats (4/30/10)

As veteran Debbie-watchers know, Debbie hurls the biggest threats whenever
she's facing the biggest humiliations...last year, for instance, Debbie tried to
derail her criminal trial by threatening her victim, and teh prosecutor
was holding Deborah Frisch responsible for her violent criminal actions.

All of Debbie's shrieking and bluffing were, needless to say, epic failures.

So, now that Dum-dum Debbie Frisch is facing court $anction$ for hiding
from a mandatory deposition on April 15th
, we are not surprised that
Debbie is attempting an impotent EVERYTHING BUT TEH KITCHEN SINK harassment strategy...

Like in today's blogs, where Debbie hurls various toothless threats--including
teh empty threat that she'll send a letter to the Lane County District Attorney.

Debbie forgets that we ALL have Google--so we know that:

1) The Lane County District Attorney recently told Debbie to STFU at a
public meeting where Debbie was stalking him

2) The Lane County District Attorney oversaw Debbie's criminal conviction
for her violent crimes in 2009
--and won an easy conviction.

3) In 2008, the Lane County District Attorney also prompted Lane County's
BLOCKING Debbie's vulgar, racist and harassing emails. (Lane County also
ordered Debbie to cease and desist her telephonic harassment of government
offices, last October--a fact that teh LCDA is no doubt aware of...)

All of which shows what will happen to Debbie's pathetic letter to teh LCDA:
it will be laughed at, crumpled up, and tossed immediately into the trash bin.

Now, for teh screencaps:

First is teh letter from Lane County's Legal Counsel ordering Deborah Frisch to STFU...or else! (Which shows how pathetic they think Deb Frisch is):


Next are Debbie's pathetic threats to go to teh Lane County DA--
threats which are laughably toothless bluffs:

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