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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deborah Frisch harasses Springfield Police Dept (4/14/10)

In today's blog, Dummy Deb Frisch continues to double-down on her

Last Saturday, Frisch, attempting to violate her probation by entering
a drinking establishment
, had a vile, violent temper-tantrum which
spilled over into her blog.

Now, Dumdeb is harassing teh Springfield Chief of Police about a police
officer who took a report on Frisch's harassment of the bouncer who
denied Debbie entry to teh dance. (Frisch directly harassed various
acquaintances of teh bouncer via Facebook
and other means.)

Amusingly, Debbie thinks teh Springfield Police have short memories.
A mere 18 months ago, it was a Springfield Police officer who took a
Domestic Violence Report on Debbie, after she assaulted a woman...
This, of course, led to Debbie's being put on probation until 2012.

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