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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coward Deb Frisch Evades Deposition, Faces Punishment (4/15/10)

On April 15th, 2010, Deborah Frisch reneged on an agreement to be
, in connection with her frivolous lawsuit against teh City of
Eugene. Here's a transcript of Teh Record of Debbie's cowardly evasion
of cross-examination.

It looks like Deb Frisch will soon reap what she's sewn. Yesterday,
attorneys for defendants filed to slap sanctions on Debbie--including
a $515.00 bill
for teh time of people staffed to cover teh deposition.

(Looks like Debbie might have to do a bit moar panhandling to pay
that pricey tab!)


  1. I might point out that that is the *minimum* amount she'll be required to pay - the court can easily increase that amount, if the judge feels it is warranted.

    If she fails to pay it, she can kiss her access to the courts goodbye.



  2. I see the depo was being held in the infamous McNutt Room.




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