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Monday, April 26, 2010

Deb Frisch resumes harassment of Springfield Police (4/26/10)

A mere 10 days after removing a bunch of harassing, libelous posts from her blog, Deborah Frisch offers new posts which detail Frisch's emailed and telephonic harassment of teh Springfield Police Department.

In today's blogs, Debbie somehow thinks she was "damaged" by police documentation of Frisch's harassment of a bartender--who prevented Frisch's attempt to violate her probation by entering a barroom dance on April 10th.

Debbie seems to forget that 1) there's this thing called Google and 2) people use it. So Debbie somehow thinks that Springfield Police are unaware that:

a) Debbie is on probation for her assault on an innocent victim in 2008.

b) Debbie Frisch's criminal record is common knowledge around the Lane
County District Attorney's office.

c) Debbie's pitiful frivolous lawsuit, filed last year, is being destroyed piece
by piece in Federal Court.

d) A Federal Judge has also blocked Debbie's email address for her vulgar
harassing emails

e) Lane County and teh City of Eugene, likewise, have blocked Debbie's email
address for her vulgar and harassing emails. Lane County also issued a STFU
order to Debbie last year, telling her that she will be arrested for harassment
if she continues her vile, menacing, and threatening phone cawls

Teh only question now is when teh City of Springfield will issue Debbie a similar
STFU order....

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