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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Criminal Deb Frisch still butthurt that she was KICKED OUT of Mommy and Daddy's Oregon House (9/19-21/2016)

Funny how Debbie Frisch accuses others of crimes when SHES the one with the massive criminal record

As usual, Debbie Frisch reacts to her butthurt by libeling and stalking members of the Oregon Criminal Justice system and her past victims. 

Keep it up Debbie--We could use another mugshot pic!

Tsk-tsk...see, Debbie, if you had just STOPPED COMMITTING CRIMES when we told you to, then Mommy and Daddy wouldn't have kicked your layabout ass out of that sweet house and sold it!

And, BTW, it wasn't "YOUR" house, dummy. It was Allen's house!

Oh, and since YOURE the one with the CRIMINAL RECORD for MENACING, you probably shouldn't be falsely accusing innocent people of "menacing" you.

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