A blog devoted to reminding Deb Frisch that, even if she takes down her libelous and harassing posts, the evidence has been screencapped...and forwarded to appropriate authorities...[dfrisch@pobox.com dfrisch@nsf.gov or dfrisch@oregon.uoregon.edu]

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Deb Frisch trumpets her ignorance of the English language. Again. (9/10/2016)

As usual, dummy Deb Frisch proves her ignorance of basic English.

Hey dummy Deb Frisch: it's not "libel" if it's true (project much, Debbie??).  And it's ALL TRUE, as a quick google search reveals...

Here's a tip, Debbie: STOP stalking, harassing and threatening people and the BUTTHURT of people laughing at your CRIMINAL RECORD will stop. Capice

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