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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

lol, Deb Frisch doesn't like it when people exercise their rights to make her STFU (9/20-27/2016)

Looks like Debbie's gonna need the CUFFS again for her to get the point to STOP STALKING, HARASSING, THREATENING and MENACING innocent people!

lol, Debbie's butthurt she can't harass and threaten the blogger who mocked here AT THIS LINK

LOL, Dummy Deb Frisch fails Law 101. Again.

Hey dummy Deb Frisch: you DONT have the First Amendment right to STALK, HARASS, THREATEN, and MENACE people. Capice yet, moron? Or do you need the CUFFS again?


Moron Criminal Debbie Frisch thinks stalking/harassment are covered by the 1st Amendment

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