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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

LOL, Debbie Frisch threatens blogger for describing her criminal record (5/5/2016)

UPDATE 8/22/2016: Criminal Debbie Frisch still stalking the blogger...

LOL, typical Deb Frisch: react to a person's description of her criminal record for threatening, stalking, and harassment...by STALKING, THREATENING, and HARASSING them!

And, no Debbie, it's not "libel" if it's all TRUE...("libel"?? project much, Debbie??)

*Psycho Deborah Frisch mentioned on TheOtherMccain (5/1/2016)

And since Debbie likes posting other people's pictures, let's all remember these ones of Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah Ellen Frisch:

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