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Monday, August 15, 2016

LOL, 10 years unemployable, Debbie Frisch criticizes others' competence (8/15/2016)

Typical stone-throwing by Debbie "Glass House" Frisch...
Let's take stock Deb Frisch:    
 So maybe you might want to be a little more humble before crowing about successful academics' typos, mmmkay?

 Oregon Criminal 1675174 Deborah Ellen Frisch envies others' academic achievements and successful careers...because dumbass Debbie

  • got denied tenure & dumped by University of Oregon in 2000
  • got fired by the University of Arizona in 2006
  • has been unemployable and unpublished since 2006.
Deborah Ellen Frisch (86574 North Modesto Drive Eugene OR) has a
criminal record for stalking, harassment and other crimes.

Hilariously, Debbie overlooks the obvious conclusion for the "errors" she says she found: SHES A MATHEMATICAL DUMBASS!

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