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Monday, August 15, 2016

LOL, Debbie Frisch threatens blogger for describing her criminal record (8/15/2016)

As usual, dummy Deb Frisch proves her ignorance of basic English.

It's not "libel" if it's true (project much, Debbie??). So let's check it out. FooledByRandomness writes:

[Deborah] Frisch: Strangely angered by a paper I wrote on the law of large numbers, she started posting and, posing for a specialist in probability (she has remote connection as a psychology professor), emailing stuff about my "competence" to all manner of people, including university officials (and strangely, to every prominent person in the fields concerned, such as Daniel Kahneman, Kenneth Arrow, seemingly anyone who ever dealt with probability).  She has been recently arrested for unrelated charges but the problem is that many people she wrote to (like the head of the department and various faculty at NYU) don't know about her background. I feel sorry for her (and her victims) but need to leave her name here so I no longer have to reply to people asking me about "my paper".

Yes, that's ALL TRUE, as a quick google search reveals...

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