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Friday, August 19, 2016

Mathematical moron Deb Frisch exposed as idiot on EJMR (again) 8/18/2016

Yes, Deborah Frisch, we all already know you're a mathematical moron. Keep up whining over the butthurt, Debbie! More LULZ for us! :D

A quick translation of the idiotic blathering below: DEBBIE FRISCH IS TOO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND MWG! 

Add this to the list of Debbie's exposing her mathematical stupidity on EJMR...

Hilariously, Debbie overlooks the obvious conclusion for the "errors" she says she found: SHES A MATHEMATICAL DUMBASS!

[1] Jealous Deborah Frisch snarks at a colleague who actually accomplished

[2] The Professor Dan Ariely pwns stupid Deb Frisch, requesting her nonexistent
"recent publications"
[3] JG Erbil pwns Deb Frisch by pointing out that the only news Deb Frisch has
ever made involve 1) Deb Frisch's firing from the University of Arizona for threatening
a child online
, 2) and Deb Frisch's humiliation at the University of Oregon

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