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Monday, August 1, 2016

At least Deb Frisch's next mugshot will be different... (7/31/2016)

Debbie must have made quite an impression on the San Elijo Lagoon meetup...  searches
for "Deb Frisch" on this blog are through the roof! :D

Thought about photoshopping Debbie's new hairstyle to the existing Mugshot file... but no
need for that: she's bound to get a REAL mugshot, compliments of California Law Enforcement, sooner or later...

yesterday's meetup hike in the san elijo lagoon involved maneuvering through a small but almost too challenging slot canyon in which you had to hoist yourself up a series of bilateral footholds using a combination of upper body strength and abrasion of epidermis, clothing and unfortunately sunglasses on sandstone. and backpack - backpack provided some synthetic material abrasion against the sandstone to supplement the skin, clothing and sunglasses.

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