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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Deb Frisch now stalking/harassing/libeling SAN DIEGO victims (8/4/2016)

UPDATE 8/11/2016: Dummy Deb Frisch threatens the dentists with a toothless tort claims notice

UPDATE 8/9/2016: Debbie Frisch now sez she'll buy an Audi SUV when she collects money for sending toothless tort claims notice to the dentist

UPDATE 8/4/2016: Debbie Frisch now adds another dentist to her San Diego stalking victim list...and various professors at the University of California San Diego... 

It was just a matter of time before Debbie's drunken harassment-habits returned...

In today's blogged shitstorm, Miss Debbie stalked and libeled a San Diego realtor and a San Diego dentist. 

Tsk, tsk, Miss Debbie...seems like she's forgotten what happened to her the LAST time she started harassing and threatening peeps in her vicinity... (Does she remember how she spent half of 2015 BEHIND BARS already?!)

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