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Friday, August 19, 2016

Convicted Criminal Deb Frisch accuses others of "hate crimes" 8/19/2016

UPDATE 8/19/2016: Dummy Deb Frisch posts a Facebook link to this page! Thanks for the free publicity Debbie! 

City of Eugene releases Deb Frisch vulgar emails (4/26/10)

LOL, no dummy, it's not a "hate crime" to warn the public about your massive criminal record of stalking, harassment, menacing, threatening, assault, etc.
Debbie's feeling a bit butthurt about being cawled out on the article County officials to spray part of South Park neighborhood for mosquitoes that could carry diseases

You wanna tawk about "hate crimes" Debbie? OK, then...

Deb Frisch hate mail on Facebook: "go suck some n*gger cock"

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